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company news about Why choose glass essential oil bottles

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China Jiangyin First Beauty Packing Industry Co.,ltd certification
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Company News
Why choose glass essential oil bottles
Latest company news about Why choose glass essential oil bottles

Glass bottles are currently the most suitable container for packing essential oils.


The reason why I said so is glass material is stable and does not easily react chemically with essential oils; Glass material has good barrier properties, which can prevent the invasion of essential oils by gases such as oxygen, and at the same time prevent the volatile components of essential oils from volatilizing into the atmosphere; Glass material is easier to change the color and transparency; Glass material is safe and hygienic, has good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion resistance, and is suitable for packaging acidic substances; Glass bottles have a variety of capacities for different scenarios; And the glass bottle can be used repeatedly.


In contrast to ordinary plastic bottles, some harmful substances will also be precipitated simultaneously while filling essential oils, because some essential oils are highly volatile and their molecular structure is also unstable.

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Regarding the color selection of glass bottles, dark-colored glass bottles can effectively prevent some essential oils from being photosensitive, thereby prolonging the preservation time of essential oils. Brown and blue are the most commonly used colors for essential oil bottles.


Now due to the extensive use of PETG materials, PETG essential oil bottles have also begun to take the stage. PETG material is environmentally friendly, lightweight, high transparency, high gloss, high colorability and so on. However, glass material is more suitable when packing pure single-party essential oils.


Of course, choose the essential oil bottle you like, it must be the best.

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