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Jiangyin First Beauty Packing Industry Co.,ltd

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Jiangyin First Beauty Packing Industry Co.,ltd

A few words about us
China Jiangyin First Beauty Packing Industry Co.,ltd company profile
Jiangyin First Beauty Packing Industry Co.,ltd
China Jiangyin First Beauty Packing Industry Co.,ltd company profile
China Jiangyin First Beauty Packing Industry Co.,ltd company profile
China Jiangyin First Beauty Packing Industry Co.,ltd company profile
China Jiangyin First Beauty Packing Industry Co.,ltd company profile
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Jiangyin First Beauty Packing Industry Co.,ltd

Jiangyin First Beauty Packing Company specialized in cosmetic packaging in China, locating in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, which is very close to the Shanghai port. We can produce and supply clients with cosmetic packaging what they need. We have established long-term and stable business relationships with many countries’ clients like USA, UK, Italy, Latvia, Australia, South Africa and so on.

We have extensive experience in developing cosmetic packaging business in China, and supply a variety of cosmetic packaging, like essential oil packaging, perfume packaging, lipstick packaging, sprayer bottle packaging and so on. We also cooperate with other suppliers in the cosmetic package field, we can provide you with the most competitive price, the best quality products, and smoothly delivery. Let’s grow together.



Company Details

Main Market

North America

South America

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

Business Type



Brands : First Beauty

No. of Employees : 100~150

Annual Sales : 3000000-4000000

Year Established : 2013

Export p.c : 80% - 90%

Company History

Jiangyin First Beauty Packing Company Co.,ltd was officially established in 2015, In the beginning, we only have some clients orders and do inspect for each client to ensure each step quality and delivery.


In 2016, we want to expand our business and started traditional two foreign exhibitions a year, focusing on the market trends and demands.


In 2017, we developed a complete set of accessories for perfume packaging, so that clients can purchase the whole set and choose diversified options. It entered the European market in the same year. the products enjoy a good reputation among the clients.


In 2018, the key period of development, not only the perfume set is more customized, but also the glass bottle production line. Such as essential oil bottle, white ceramic bottle and so on. Focus on the customization of high-end cosmetic packaging research.


In 2019, First Beauty began to settle in Alibaba website and built a professional sales team. Everyone performs their duties, from order tracking to quality inspection, the steps of each order are tracked by professionals. Same year, we started to make lipstick tube packaging, including plastic types, magnetic types and color spraying types, embossed logo types, and so on.


2020 will be a catastrophic year for the world, because of the virus, countless people have lost their lives, and countless people are suffering because of the virus. We are also thinking about what we can do for everyone, so after the government allows us to start work, our workers will make every effort to produce Spraying packaging materials for market demand. The prices of raw materials continue to rise, and we still maintain our original intentions to give back to our clients at the most favorable price. For countries that particularly need plastic bottles with sprayers, we also give the fastest delivery time. First Beauty just want to warm the whole world with our own strength.


In 2021, we expanded a lot of new products, more delicate spray bottles, more stable gel bottles, more sizes of essential oil sets and more styles of perfume packaging and lipstick packaging. First Beauty are committed to providing better cosmetic packaging for world, and we hope that more people will use our designed products in the near future.



China Jiangyin First Beauty Packing Industry Co.,ltd company profile 0

China Jiangyin First Beauty Packing Industry Co.,ltd company profile 1

Company Service

Before Cooperation

After you have accepted the offer, we will deal with all next details, including making and sending samples, sending pre-production samples, producing bulk goods, packing, customized logos, all documents, shipping methods, etc. If you need to take the whole container or mixed container, we will calculate the packing in advance so that we can complete the order correctly and effectively. You just need to tell us what you want, and we will take care of everything after that.

Our Professional

We will provide all necessary documents related to your order, like proforma invoice, BL, commercial invoice, packing list, and certificate of origin. And any other required special documents can be provided once you required.

We have our own international freight forwarder and very competitive prices when you choose our delivery. Or if you have an agent, you can also use your freight forwarder. Only when using our freight forwarder, we can monitor the progress of the freight, and provide timely freight tracking and follow-up services, and report the freight situation to you in time.

Quality Control

Quality is always important for us. We never produce substandard products. What we want to do is long-term cooperation. Our quality control department is equipped with professionals with extensive experience in testing and inspection, or you can arrange third-party inspections. We firmly believe that our original intention can earn the trust of clients

Before Mass Production

We have related person who will check every detail of the samples before production to ensure that they meet the requires of clients, and will send the samples to you for confirmation by DHL as soon as possible. We also inspect materials and accessories before production to eliminate any defects. We have always treated every order with a serious and responsible attitude.

During Mass Production

During production, our sales staff will track the progress of your goods and notify them by email. If you need to change or improve the product urgently, please contact our sales staff for confirm.

After Mass Production

When the goods are completed and ready ship in warehouse, our quality inspectors will do random checks to ensure that all order details are correct, including the confirmed goods style, quantity, size, packaging, shipping marks and all other details. We will check everything according to the final confirmed contract and client requirements.


After receiving the client’s shipping instructions, we will arrange our freight forwarders and transportation companies to carry out the shipment. We will follow the loading operation throughout the whole process to avoid shortage or damage of the goods. To ensure cargos delivery smoothly.

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China Jiangyin First Beauty Packing Industry Co.,ltd company profile 1



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Company Team

On the company side, Jiangyin First Beauty has more than 20 employees.


Among of them are senior international trading sales and professional engineers. This will mean that we have a large sales team and service team which can provide each potential customer with the most time-sensitive professional and comprehensive services.

On the factory side, Jiangyin First Beauty has more than 50 employees.


They are porters and QC quality inspectors responsible for professional production lines. This means that our production process is extremely rigorous and we can control each detail to achieve 100% inspection.


China Jiangyin First Beauty Packing Industry Co.,ltd company profile 0


Jiangyin First Beauty Packing Industry Co.,ltd
9303-9305 Block C, No.6 Xinyuan Road, Jiangyin City,Jiangsu Province,China
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