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company news about How to choose your ideal lipstick tube?

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Company News
How to choose your ideal lipstick tube?
Latest company news about How to choose your ideal lipstick tube?

To understand the lipstick tube thoroughly, you must figure out why it is complicated.

Some people say that among the many cosmetic packaging materials, the composition of the lipstick tube is the most complicated and the most technically difficult. Why do you so? Then let's analyze the reasons below.

In fact, the lipstick tube is a functional packaging composed of multiple components and different materials. From the perspective of material, it is also divided into volatile and non-volatile or called air-tight and non-air-tight. And as far as filling is concerned, it is automatically filled by the machine, which is divided into pre-canning, post-filling and direct filling, etc.

The combination of different parts is very complicated, and if the tolerance control is not good, or the design is unreasonable, even if the way of applying lubricating oil is wrong, it will cause the machine to stop or function abnormally.

Speaking of lipstick tubes, we have to mention the base, inner cup and Spiral structure, The standard drawings of the lipstick tube inside fitness must be standard and standardized, otherwise, if the dimensions are not well controlled, the results will be obvious if they are assembled again. And there are many complicated factors, so the overall coordination and quality of the lipstick tube is uncontrollable. Furthermore, the injection molding materials we use must pass the verification of material compatibility. Otherwise, once a compatibility problem occurs, a problem occurs when screwing up and down, which means that the entire lipstick tube has failed. So we call the fitness top priority.

Looking at the base again, in order to make the lipstick tube feel better, heavy weight is usually added. Then you need to add glue to match. If there is a problem with the combination of heavy iron and glue, it means that it's a great risk has been added to the lipstick tube. If the shock caused during transportation, various uncertain factors will strike, including internal degumming.

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The main quality control index of lipstick tube

The main control index is composed of multiple parts. There is hand feel indicators, filling machine requirements, transportation vibration requirements, airtightness prevention, material compatibility issues, size inter-matching issues, aluminum-in-plastic tolerances, color issues, productivity issues, and filling quantity should satisfy the product claim value problem and so on.

The lipstick material body has the distinction of softness and hardness. If it is a little soft, the inner cup is not deep enough to hold the material. It means that once the user uses the lipstick, the paste will fall out. If the material be harder, there is no way for customers to use it. If the air tightness is not good, this means that the lid and the bottom are not properly matched, which will cause the material to be dry and the entire product will fail.

Development and design of lipstick tube

Only on the basis of understanding for various requirements, then we can design various test methods and standardize various indicators. If you are a novice, you must choose a regular and popular design and complete the general design as soon as possible.

To sum up

The common quality issue of lipstick tubes includes material problems, process problems, and assembly problems.

There are also some problems after delivery. In fact, the problem is happened during the development and talking. Therefore, when customers choose a lipstick tube that suits them, the first thing they must consider should be to choose an experienced supplier.

We produce a lot of packaging materials, and the story in it is not clear in one word or two words. To choose the right one, you must firstly understand which points are important, which points are not important, and which issues must be considered first, and so on. If you have any other problems with packaging materials, please feel free to email us.

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